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Coach Buffet is a new approach to sorting out life/ work problems.  Professionals and business owners are invited to bring their real issues and sample one-on-one coaching from a smorgasbord of a dozen high-calibre life and business coaches. As opposed to lengthy research to find a good coach, Coach Buffet participants will be treated to a room full of coaches ready to help them with any issue they want to be coached on.

Come sample coaching sessions from a buffet of 12 coaches in both one-on-one and group formats.

Take a bite out of an important issue and have a great time doing it. You will leave full of purpose and possibility…and maybe you will be hungry for more!  Five participants will win an hour of complimentary coaching for use after Coach Buffet.

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Questions? Email or call Tanya Geisler (Toronto) at 416.450.1066 or Lisa Chandler (Montreal) at 514.512.0656


On April 29th, Coach Buffet went international! 

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), headquartered in Washington, DC, held its first Coach Buffet for interested staff to demonstrate the power of coaching. It was the first of many, we are told.  John Bennett, an EPA internal coach, speared-headed the effort.

As per the initial events in Toronto and Montreal, the feedback from clients proved the event to be a worthwhile and value-filled experience. Clients got the chance to experience coaching first-hand and the EPA was able to further build a case for internal coaching at the agency.

If you are interested in hosting a Coach Buffet event in your city or workplace, Email or call Tanya Geisler (Toronto) at 416.450.1066 or Lisa Chandler (Montreal) at 514.512.0656