Lisa Chandler, Coach Buffet Founder, Coach and Entrepreneur, is passionate about coaching small business owners and professionals through courageous decisions, and business growth/ transition, challenging them to live the life they want and standing by them as they dare. Certified by both the International Coach Federation (ICF) and the Coach Training Institute (CTI), she also holds an M.Sc. in adult education. Prior to coaching, she was Director of Sales for a pharma marketing agency. Lisa marries her business acumen with her passion for coaching and won’t settle for anything less than her clients’ success (defined their way). Saying yes to coaching with Lisa is saying yes to an inspired life. Visit


As a CTI-trained Professional Coach, Tanya Geisler , Coach Buffet Co-founder, works with professionals who are ready to bust out into the land of more. Clients can either engage in her cathartic Board of Your Life program (a proven blend of coaching and brainstorming with a Personal Advisory Board from the client’s own network) or in an energized and inspired one-on-one coaching relationship. Tanya’s approach is supportive yet challenging and she works exclusively with those who are prepared to do the work. Self-realization can be pretty heady, powerful and transformative. Ready? Visit


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