*Coach Menu will be updated in early January to reflect the coaching line up for January 28, 2010.

Legend: Coaches in English (E); Coaches in French (F); Coaches in both English and French (E/F); For bilingual coaches, coach prefers to coach in the language that is listed first.

Julie CJulie L. Cusmariu is an intuitive consultant, certified life coach, speaker and internet radio host.   She works with individuals worldwide to connect with their intuition to live more meaningful, peaceful and purposeful lives. Julie supports individuals in all areas related to relationships, career, personal development, leadership, and life transitions. Individuals who work with Julie experience greater clarity, better decision making skills, increased confidence, a deep knowing of what they want, vitality & well-being. Julie also works with leaders in organizations to leverage their intuition for success, innovation and work-life balance. For more information please visit Julie’s website and blog www.juliecusmariu.com (E).

AmandaFrenchAmanda French coaches people to connect with their innermost authority. Nothing is more challenging than to live by our own mind, judgment, and values. And nothing is ultimately more rewarding!  When coaching with Amanda, individuals will bring consciousness to their daily activities by engaging in personal reflection, creative exercises and real-life application.  Clients will experience more laughter and fun as they develop courage and trust in themselves and in others. Amanda has worked in the public and private sectors and has completed a Master’s in Human Systems Intervention and a Certificate in Personal and Professional Coaching at Concordia University (E). 

Martine LabrecheMartine LaBrèche is a certified coach from Concordia (PPCC) member of ICF/FICQ. One of her passions is to coach people in career transition. Her practice is based on the principles of the Positive Psychology (U of Penn). L et’s discover together your unique blend of talents & strenghts and find ways to used them so you become the best possible you (F/E).

Martine LaBrèche dans sa pratique de Coaching est fière d’utiliser les toutes dernières interventions provenant des recherches scientifiques de la Psychologie Positive. Lors d’une quête au niveau carrière, il est possible d’identifier son propre amalgame de talents & de forces et trouver des façons de les utiliser pour devenir le meilleur de soi (F/E).

Marie Claude LaPalmeMarie-Claude Lapalme is PotentiologistTM and her expertise resides in her ability to quickly seize and catalyse individual potential.  Since 2000, she coaches leaders in organizations and professionals looking for a more fulfillfing career and life.  Relying on a relationship based on collaborative commitment, her clients revive their potential through concrete actions revealing them at their best.  In a few words, her approach aims to engage the spiral of potential – Reveal, Revive, Realise  – and to maintain it in motion (F/E). 

Marie-Claude Lapalme est PotentiologueMC et son expertise réside dans sa capacité à saisir et catalyser rapidement le potentiel individuel.      Elle coache, depuis 2000, les gestionnaires d’entreprise et les professionnels en soif  d’une vie et d’une carrière plus inspirante.  Grâce à une relation basée sur  l’engagement collaboratif, ses clients ravivent leur potentiel par le biais d’actions concrètes révélant le meilleur d’eux-mêmes.   En résumé, son approche vise à engager la spirale du potentiel – Révéler, Raviver, Réaliser – et la maintenir en mouvement (F/E).

Michele L PhotoMichele LeBlanc is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) who helps to shine the light on what is possible when life ’s obligations and fast pace leave clients depleted and in the dark.  Michele’s powerful questions, intuition and curiosity help her clients to free themselves from limiting beliefs that can keep them stuck and rob them of the courage needed to go after what they really want. In the last 10 years, Michele has worked as a Professional Coach, Group Facilitator and Process Consultant. She has also completed a Masters Degree in Human Systems Intervention (HSI), to add to her degrees in Psychology, Applied Social Science and Business Administration (E/F).

Michèle LeBlanc est un coach professionnel certifié (CPCC) avec une passion innée pour tout ce qui touche l’être humain en transformation. Son intuition, sa curiosité ainsi que sa maîtrise de l’art de poser des questions percutantes aident ses clients à se libérer de systèmes de croyances qui les privent du courage nécessaire pour réaliser tout leur potentiel. Durant les 10 dernières années, elle a terminé sa maîtrise en Développement Organisationnel et elle a travaillé en tant que consultante, coach, et animatrice (E/F).

Roch LandryRoch Landry has focussed on life coaching/life design as a professional activity since 2004. Certified Coach, Ph.D in Design Management, NLP Master Practitioner and Open Space Technology Facilitator, he supports individuals and groups in meaningful transformational moves. he loves being involved with the whole person and his encounter with Genuine Contact Program supports his values of authenticity and openness. Being creative in all realms of living is probably his day to day challenge which he is so thrilled to share. CoachingConnexions is a surprising tool and process Roch designed to discover our clarity.  < Namaste > more at www.rochlandry.com (F/E).

Roch Landry – ce qui m’intéresse avant tout, c’est la personne dans toute son humanité et ses couleurs. je suis passionné de créativité. je travaille entre autres avec les images. designer de produits depuis 30 ans, j’ai créé un processus + un jeu de cartes CoachingConneXions qui misent sur le pouvoir de l’imaginaire et de l’intuition. je poursuis curieusement mes apprentissages à la suite de l’obtention d’un doctorat en sciences de gestion (1987), du titre de maître-praticien en PNL(2002) et d’une certification de coach personnel et professionnel(2008). la méditation et la gravure sont pour moi deux voies pour explorer mes univers et me centrer. voir:   www.rochlandry.com (F/E).

Anne PertusAnne Pertus works with leaders to increase their strengths and maximize the impact with their teams using a co-active approach. Often newly promoted leaders are overwhelmed and not sure where to begin. Anne assists them in getting results within the First 90 days coaching plan.  She is a fluently bilingual experienced CTI trained coach.  Anne is on the Women’s Executive Network advisory board in Montreal, also a member of a Mastermind Coaching group to continually hone her coaching skills; Anne holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from Bishop’s University. She has over 20 years of business experience with national and international companies (F/E).  

Anne Pertus travaille avec des gestionnaires utilisant une méthodologie co-active. Ceci permet une meilleure utilisation des forces naturelles de l’individu et aide à accroitre l’impact avec l’équipe.Les gestionnaires sont souvent atterrer suite à une promotion et ne savent pas par ou commencer. Anne assiste les gestionnaires utilisant un plan de coaching ‘’Les premiers 90 jours’’. Elle est une coach bilingue d’expérience avec une formation de CTI. Anne est sur le comité aviseur du Réseau des femmes exécutives du Québec. Elle est membre d’un groupe de Coach du type ‘’Mastermind’’ afin de continuellement parfaire ses méthodes (F/E). www.annepertus.com

Ian RenaudIan Renaud, Personal Performance Specialist mastering in N.L.P., works with inner motivations, the power and significance of words and emotional management.  His specialties are personal performance and leadership; he helps his clients live a more fulfilled life and he trains managerial staff to become better leaders, using their emotions to build an irresistible charisma.  Ian prefers face-to-face coaching to feel the human energy.  he offers individual coaching and also does group and corporate coaching.  he is President of the R.I.R.E. Foundation which gives him the opportunity to contribute socially to his full potential. Check out http://blog.ianrenaud.com/  (F/E).

Ian Renaud, Spécialiste en Performance Personnelle formé en P.N.L., travaille avec les motivations profondes, la force du langage ainsi que la gestion des émotions.  Ses spécialités sont la performance personnelle et le leadership ; il aide ses clients à mieux profiter de leur vie et il forme des meilleurs leaders qui utilisent leurs émotions afin de se développer un charisme irrésistible.  Il préfère de loin le coaching face à face pour la sensation humaine.  Ian propose des rencontres individuelles et il fait aussi du coaching de groupe et corporatif.  Il est Président de la Fondation R.I.R.E. qui lui permet de contribuer socialement à sa pleine valeur http://blog.ianrenaud.com/ (F/E).

Minnie JH3Minnie Richardson’s upbeat, direct coaching style is inspired by rich life experiences, and grounded by professional coach training.  Appetite for life, and love of exploration and communication led British-born Minnie to live in Belgium, France, Russia and now Canada. Her ability to focus on the bigger picture, to think innovatively and to follow her keen intuition were all honed by exposure to these and other cultures. Minnie has completed the Personal and Professional Coach Certification Program at Montreal’s Concordia University and is an Associate Certified Coach with the ICF (International Coach Federation). Check out www.minnierichardson.com  (E/F).

Minnie Richardson offre un coaching au style direct et optimiste inspiré d’une riche expérience de la vie et appuyé par une solide formation professionnelle. Son amour de la vie, des découvertes et des communications, a amené cette Britannique d’origine à vivre en Belgique, en France, en Russie, et maintenant au Canada. Le fait de côtoyer ces différentes cultures et d’autres encore, a aiguisé son aptitude à cerner les véritables enjeux, à penser différemment, et à suivre sa vive intuition. Minnie a complété avec succès le Personal and Professional Coach Certification Program de l’Université Concordia à Montréal. Elle a également obtenu la certification ACC (Associate Certified Coach) auprès de l’ICF (International Coach Federation). www.minnierichardson.com  (E/F).

Corrie RobertsonCorry Robertson is a certified coach specializing in working with individuals who are committed to fulfilling their potential as business people. While working with you to create a unique blueprint for the achievement of extraordinary results, she will support you in maintaining your wellbeing. The outcome for you is success in business and triumph in life. Corry serves on the Board of Directors for the Quebec Chapter of the International Coach Federation, has 15 years of practical business experience, qualifications from Corporate Coach University, a bachelor’s degree Communication Studies and has also studied marketing and public relations. Check out www.potentialtoperformance.com (E/F).

Corry Robertson est une experte dans le domaine du développement de la performance humaine. Ceux avec qui elle établit un partenariat produisent des résultats évolutifs.Les clients de Corry apprécient sa capacité de diagnostiquer rapidement les enjeux et de faire le lien entre ce diagnostic et l’impact qu’ont ces enjeux sur les résultats de l’entreprise. Sa vigilance et son habileté pour la communication lui permettent non seulement d’intéresser les gens, mais elle les inspire aussi à améliorer leur performance, à accroître leur qualité de vie et à maximiser leur implication au travail, à la maison et dans la société. www.potentialtoperformance.com (E/F).

Photo Louis Rodrigue

Louis Rodrigue– Physicist, successful entrepreneur and now Certified Professional Co-active Coach (CPCC), Louis excels in the art of discovering and releasing the core of his client’s passion. Louis has achieved mastery in the alchemy of deep transformation. His instinct and his compassion allow him to coach his clients, previously blinded by their own self (ego) and deceiving belief systems, into the discovery of their true Self. He empowers them to accomplish their life mission and their most precious dreams. He works with entrepreneurs as well as with those looking for deep spiritual growth (F/E).

Louis Rodrigue– Physicien, entrepreneur à succès et maintenant coach professionnel (CPCC), Louis excelle dans l’art de faire découvrir et ressentir la passion qui anime ses clients.Louis est passé maître dans l’alchimie des profondes transformations. Son instinct et son amour des autres lui permettent d’accompagner ses clients, souvent aveuglés par leur ego et leurs croyances, vers la découverte de leur moi véritable.  Il les aide à reconquérir leur pouvoir afin d’accomplir leur mission de vie et leurs rêves (F/E).

Alain TheriaultAlain Thériault is The Start-up Coach specializing in moving clients forward. With a mix of training and coaching, he helps you get clear on what you want, what to do and DO something about it! His expertise comes from a B.Ed and an MBA. He has been on both sides of the fence–teaching and helping start-ups in all walks of life for 10 years and then doing it for himself! Coaching is all about getting someone from point A to point B. Not there yet ? So, you have results or excuses?  E-mail or Call him! (F/E).

Alain Thériault c’est le Start-up coach. En utilisant le coaching ET la formation, il vous aide à devenir certain de ce que vous voulez. Vous savez quoi faire et vous le faîtes! Son expertise repose sur un B.Ed et un MBA. De plus, il a vu les 2 cotés de la clôture. Il a enseigné et aidé des entrepreneurs pendant 10ans pour ensuite se lancer lui-même en affaires. Cessez les ‘faut qu’on’ et les ‘j’aurais dû’. Vous voulez des excuses continuez. Vous voulez des résultats, appelez-le  ! (F/E).

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  1. Julie said

    I am really look forward to participating with you all and meeting everyone on the 15th.
    Until then,
    All the best!

  2. Minnie said

    The site is looking great! I, too, am excited about the inaugural Coach Buffet in a few weeks’ time and looking forward to meeting those of you that I don’t know!

  3. Isabelle said

    Great concept!
    I can only imagine the intensity of the energy that will be will be raised in the room 🙂

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