Sonia Byrne is an experienced CTI trained Business/Life Coach who empowers extraordinary results in the lives of clients, whether they are an independent artistic professional or a leader in a large corporation. She possesses a strong track record of coaching clients to success in their developmental, financial and operational goals.  In the journey of business/life coaching, Sonia is committed to helping people achieve their personal best…as defined by them.

Melissa Creede brings deep experience as a global business consultant with a unique kind of playfulness to her executive and business coaching.  An accomplished and results-oriented coach, she draws on her first-hand experience as a former Vice President of a small consulting company, as well as a consultant to large multi-national corporations.  Trained through the Coaches Training Institute (CTI), and just shy of completing a six month, rigorous certification program, she takes a co-active coaching approach.  Melissa has over 12 years experience in the environmental sustainability area, has a passion for travel, and has worked and played in over 40 countries and in every Canadian province and territory.

Head shotPaulo da Silva is partner and co-founder of BIGLife Group. He is an executive coach and business consultant. A creative, intuitive, and passionate leader, Paulo focuses on coaching individuals for bottom-line results. His area of expertise is working with the change agents within organizations and he is known for his intentional, strategic and creative  approach. Paulo has successfully coached individuals and teams for fortune 500 and 100 companies such as American Express, Anthony Robbins Research Inc., Bank of Montreal, Ceridian, Equifax, IO Consulting, Merrill Lynch and Royal Bank of Canada.


Mena Gagné is the founder of DARE TO BE REAL Coaching & Consulting. A CTI-trained Leadership/Relationship Coach, Speaker & Workshop Facilitator, Mena sees through to the core of women and helps reveal underlying beliefs that might be holding them back. She creates a safe space for them to open their hearts and blossom as they tap into their courage and strength. Her particular gift is authentic, compassionate and passionate leadership that moves individuals forward towards their brilliance. Mena is very clear about her mission: To empower women to KNOW, LOVE and BE who they REALLY are so they can emerge as confident, authentic leaders.

DSCN0898Helen Garside is a CTI-trained professional coach, intuitive consultant and wellness specialist who works with people who are ready to reclaim their lives and heal their Spirits.  She loves to challenge people to Dream, Discover, Explore and to set a new course in their lives. Through one on one sessions, clients work with Helen to discover their true inner strengths, truths and passions.  Inner understanding along with looking at what is possible in life allows the client to take action and create a truly empowered life.  Are you ready for a new life?

Gabriela Herrero’s life’s journey as a business woman, entrepreneur, cancer survivor, athlete, mom, lover makes her a fierce coach for you to discover what you want and make it happen. For her, there is nothing more inspiring that seeing individuals discovering insights to achieve and lead aspiring and wonderful lives! Gabriela is a bilingual (English, Spanish) CTI Coach. She created Existence Coaching “To exist is to change, to change is to grow, to grow is to go on creating oneself endlessly”.

Laura McGrath

Laura McGrath is a personal and professional development coach. She draws on her training in co-active coaching and transpersonal psychotherapy to propel people towards meaningful, transformational living. Laura particularly loves working with anyone who has a mission for social change, and she has a soft spot for engineers (a natural fit after her five years at Engineers Without Borders). Laura’s clients gain an increased sense of possibility, regular boosts in momentum, and clearer and more conscious decision-making. Laura believes that you are naturally creative, resourceful, and whole, and she wants to work with you if you are ready for change.

Trish's Web PhotoTrish Petersen has a presence that invites others into the discovery and wonder of life and themselves.  The wisdom of her own inner truth has directed her through an adventurous journey, and has been instrumental in creating a life filled with joy, passion, commitment and thirst for “what’s next?”  Her company, Leap Into Life Inc. is dedicated to partnering with individual and corporate clients to reach for the expression of their full potential.   She is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, receiving her training through the Coaches Training Institute (CTI) and is currently enrolled in CTI’s Co-Active Leadership Program.

Paul SurprenantPaul Surprenant will travel by your side openly to; recover your inner clarity; ponder the situation anew; see people as people and not object; eliminate your self deception; resist the possibility that one is the problem; discover your life purpose; execute your life plan; awaken your desire within; find peace; etc.  Ses expériences de vie combinées à celle de gestionnaire d’équipes opérationnelles lui ont offert un arc-en-ciel de situations permettant ainsi le développement de son écoute professionnelle et son habilité à vivre le moment présent.  Paul is a channel that will provide you energy to make a difference.

MAV_1375 RevisedJulie Ward’s many client testimonials and words of thanks, speak of who she is for them. Here’s a taste: “Wonderful; very unique, insightful and supportive; she truly cares about you; helped me to see clearly; she digs deep to uncover underlying issues; drives thinking and behavior; helps work toward changing the status quo; works diligently [to help me] make important life changes; very calming influence; helped me work through a very difficult time; Thank you for your open honesty and guidance.; Thank you Julie for always being there for me!”


As part of Coach Buffet, you get to pick from ONE of three sumptuous workshops. Each workshop is 35 minutes in length and you will leave feeling energized, inspired and ready to move into action.

Please consider in advance the workshop in which you are most interested in participating.

#1 Life Balance Workshop with Hélène Egan (Voilà Coaching)

When was the last time you took 30 minutes to really consider what parts of your life really truly satisfy you (make your heart sing!), and which parts could use a tune-up?

In this workshop, you will use a tool to help you in your discovery.  Best of all, you will begin to consider what you can create for yourself, and how to get started!!

Helene05Hélène Egan is passionate about getting people to achieve their best and more.  Hélène’s approach is to ask powerful questions, get clients thinking bigger, support people in setting tangible goals and cheer them on when those goals are achieved. Hélène has been training and coaching in the corporate world for more than a decade.  She is an experienced salesperson, coach, and facilitator.  Hélène created Voilà Coaching as a reflection of that feeling that comes from a big shift, a big result or a much needed solution.  Sometimes that momentum starts with the small shifts, results and solutions.

#2 Dare to be Free with Karin Hwang

No kidding, this is your life!  It’s time to start fulfilling your dreams!  Join Karin in the Land of Fulfillment.  Participants will engage in a fun loving experience where Karin will dare you to dream BIG.  She combines lightness and excitement to bring ease and hope back into reclaiming your dreams.

Karin's HeadshotKarin Hwang is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach.  She has a B.A.A. degree in Business with a Certificate in Psychology of Human Relations, and recently completed the CTI Co-Active Leadership Program.  She is a firm believer that anything is possible with love, guidance and support.  Her company Dare to be Free Coaching Group will empower you to live courageously, make the changes you desire for your life and achieve your peak performance.  With over 20 years of experience working closely with clients, she has the ability to be with them in a full range of emotions and situations.  She’s always ready for anything.  Her clients call her “Karin the Igniter”. Although small in stature, she will be your biggest cheerleader.

#3 Shift your State with Chris St. John (Inner Directions)

In this workshop , you will learn how to use your body, thoughts ,feelings, language and behaviours to create powerful change in your life and build momentum to maximize your true potential.

Chris St. John is a certified Life and Relationship Coach who challenges his clients from a place of compassion to get them to where they really want to be. Whatever you envision in your relationship, your career or your life as a whole, Chris can support you in creating the structure to have you living at your edge—your deep truth—in a passionate way.

Winning the Canada cup in bodybuilding taught Chris that having a plan for your life is essential. Chris’ commitment to discipline, to structure and to trusting the body’s wisdom is foundational.


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