Speed-interviewing: On your marks, get set – hire! 

Zosia Bielski, Globe and Mail, December 1, 2009 

…finding favour among time-starved professionals who need to hire a doula, a babysitter or a life coach…


Here’s what people are saying about the Coach Buffet experience!

I found the sessions really insightful, practical and well worth the time and cost. Thank you so much for this. – J.G., Montreal 

I never thought I could have such great exchanges in 15 minutes- M.B., Montreal 

The coaching uncovered a mass of issues and gave me some very interesting perspectives to them – K.K., Toronto

Coach Buffet is a great concept, very well organized and a great calibre of coaching and clients- T.P., Toronto

Loved it. There is such a need for this- H.G., Toronto

Great event, well coordinated, fun, enlightening and risk free. Cool! – C.L., Toronto

Fabulous perpsectives. It helped me to focus. – R.M., Toronto

Thank you! Opened me up to this world. – G.B., Toronto

The sessions were very helpful in articulating what I want and should do work in the identified areas. Coaches listened patiently and let me find my answers – R.M. Toronto

Innovative, fabulous energy, very well organized- A.P., Montreal

I loved having tools to work with and the chance to clear my head and focus- P.T., Montreal


3 Responses to “Buzz”

  1. […] featured on the front page of the Life Section in today’s Globe and Mail!  Check out  Speed-interviewing: On your marks, get set – hire!  by Globe writer Zosia […]

  2. Julie said

    way to go. love the innovation…so glad more are finding out about it.

  3. […] was covered in this morning’s Globe and Mail on the front page of the Life section in an article Speed Interviewing: on your marks, get set, hire!  Check out the article and their site.  They are hosting Coach Buffet Toronto again on Jan 26th […]

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